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3D Modelling with Rhinoceros-Level I  course at Magma Audiovisual School [Gijón-Asturias] is released.

Will be held from May 16th untill May 26th.

And a second one from June the 13th untill June 23rd.


Registration is open. 

More info:

ALTERA 2017 

Art and jewelry Conferences in Santander [Cantabria]

Last February I was invited to give a lecture at the ALTERA 2017 Conference.

Very interesting experience and great time with our friends of Santander.

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I'm currently participating in a GroupExhibition in Munich during Schmuck'16 events.

"A tribute to Manfred Bischoff"

To see more details about the work I presented for the exhibition, please go to the last added gallerie at "Portfolio"tab.

or visit:           last post.

        rinaldo alvarez    Authoriced Rhino Trainer              3D CAD Jewelry Modelmaker and Designer.     

About me

  I’m a 3D jewelry designer and jewelry sculptor based in the north of Spain. I work mainly with Rhinoceros, ZBrush  and Keyshot.

My background is based in 20 years as a bench jeweler and the past 4 years only devoted to 3D design.

I have an artistic background in which I’ve seen my work exhibited in many places around the world, and had been nominated for several prices and granted with the Cajastur grant for artists here in Spain. This allows me to enrich the designs with an special but subtle point of view.

I currently work as a freelance jewelry designer for independent jewelry workshops. 

Deep  Jewels

   This series are a path of formal investigation, a private search towards sculptural details in jewelry and out of it. Pushing a little bit the jewelry boundaries trying to reach a sensitive, subtle and non forced  way to empathic  emotions between the jewel, the wearer and the observer, in which the designer acts just as the patient craftsman that, as an architect of the tiny, develops an imagined sculpture so it can belong beautifully to the human body, using nowadays technology as skillfully and preciously as an ancient artisan.


3D Design Service

      As well as my own works, I accept commissions for single pieces, custom made jewels  and limited production jewelry, in  which I’d be happy to follow your designs, advise you with them, or develop myself a design for you or your company in which we can take the idea all the way from the design to a successful manufacturing.

I will be available for freelance or an in-house job .

Lectures, courses, presentations and workshops also on demand .